COVID-19 Philippine Advisory: New Travel Restrictions (Release 3)

COVID-19 Philippine Advisory: New Travel Restrictions (Release 3)

22 March 2020

ALL foreign nationals with the following visa will be temporarily banned from entering the Philippines (highlighted our most impacted population): 

  • Those under Visa Waiver Agreements (AJACS, AJACSSUK, FSC, MCL);
  • Those with Special Visas (SRRV, SIRV, ABTC, and economic zone visas, etc.);
  • Those who fall under Executive Order No. 408, s 1960 (EO408);
  • Those holders of Hong Kong-SAR, Macau-SAR, Macau-Portuguese, and British National Overseas Passports; and
  • Those Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visa Holders (i.e. 13, 9(d), 9(f), 9(g), 47(a)(2) EO 226, etc.)


  • Holders of visas granted under MCL-07-021 (Chinese nationals married to Philippine citizens) and MCL-08-003 (South Korean nationals married to Philippine citizens);
  • Holders of 9(e), Temporary Resident Visas, and 13(a) visas;
  • Foreign spouses and children of Filipino nationals;
  • Foreign government and international organization officials accredited to the Philippines (diplomatic visas); and
  • Foreign crew members

Impact on foreign nationals:

  • Unless their visa falls under the exceptions, foreign nationals are advised to please refrain from travelling outside the Philippines.
  • Otherwise, there is a risk of not being allowed to return during the effectivity of the ban.
  • The restriction have no impact on foreign nationals who are currently in the country. This means that their existing work visas (and other types of visas) remain valid.
  • Visa holders who decided to leave the country in the wake of this lockdown shall not be allowed to enter until the enhanced community quarantine has been lifted.

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