About Us

Annexus International Relocation Service Inc.  was established    in  November  1987 as a one-stop-shop business  center for foreign expatriates requiring specialized and personalized support business services.   We have grown and pioneered the corporate relocation industry in the Philippines by giving  full  corporate mobility services and  immigration end-to-end solutions  to  our   global partners  and  corporate  clients.

For more than  thirty  (30)   years  our Founder   and  CEO ,  Dornet G. VENTURANZA, SGMS   and  her  professional  team has helped thousands of clients  make their  transitions  memorable  in  their  new environment.   We   pride ourselves in  having  a  Founder,  who  is not  only  passionate  but  has the necessary global mindset and wealth  of experience   to  push our services  beyond international standards of  excellence .

Dornet  Venturanza  has been awarded the Worldwide ERC® 2014 Meritorious Service Award in recognition of  her outstanding service and participation in the organization.

At Annexus International  we are proud of our professional team  focused   on  delivering  customized and  personalized relocation  and  immigration  services  to  our  expatriate  assignees and their families without compromise.  Our ultimate objective is to provide the most outstanding, seamless  and full-range of services to our corporate clients  in a field where a practical knowledge about the country and its people is absolutely essential,   we stake our name on our people’s ability to get things right.

Annexus International  is a principal  partner  of Reloc8  Asia  Pacific  Group, a   regional relocation resource  established  in 2001,  composed  of  our  Asia Pacific  Partners    in  Singapore, China, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, India,  Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and The Philippines. Reloc8 Asia Pacific  Group is a  regional alliance providing solid commitment to corporations not only with destination and  immigration  services but with information and confirmation on local housing and living costs around the region.

Annexus International Relocation Service Inc. is  an active member  of Employee Relocation Council (ERC) and  European Relocation Association (EuRA) .