Corporate Relocation

Annexus International   offers a full range of  mobility  services on the ground.  We assist the expatriate assignee and his family acquaint themselves with their new environment including the neighborhood and the community.   We assist in shortlisting the best housing options based on the assignees’ specifications, negotiating for best possible housing arrangements, and securing permits among others.  From housing research  to home search, settling in requirements, provisions for utilities, to bank  account opening, school assistance , household  staffing assistance, up to moving-out and departure  services, our team of Relocation Consultants can  be relied on to extend the usual prompt and necessary assistance.

We  also provide  relevant  information on local customs, economy,  recreation  options,  access to medical facilities and social practices, to  help  our clients  in having a  more realistic and better understanding of the new culture and the community, as well as  connect them   to their immediate environment and conditions in the  fastest and most effective way.  The family then becomes better prepared for the experience, and take full advantage of the new opportunities  that  await them thereby  allowing the  expatriate employee  to  focus  on  his  new work  assignment  and  responsibilities right from  the very   beginning.