To be recognized as the Philippines pioneer and premiere corporate mobility services company.


To deliver the highest quality personalized service, best customer experience and bottom line results in relocation today, thereby giving our clients complete satisfaction and becoming their trusted and reliable partner in the Philippines.

We provide a wide range of relocation services to Assignees relocating to Philippines.


Annexus International offers a full range of mobility services on the ground. We assist the expatriate assignee and his family acquaint themselves with their new environment including the neighborhood and the community.

Visa & Immigration

Our immigration counsel and team specializes and manages all aspects of work visa and consular services in the Philippines . We assist our expatriate employee and dependents in securing the right work visa based on assignees’ status.

Cross Cultural Training

Annexus International provides a unique customized cross cultural training program for the assignees and their families. The program facilitates and enhances the family’s transition to their new living and working environment.