COVID-19 Philippine Advisory: Enhanced Community Quarantine on the Rest of Luzon (Release 2.0)

COVID-19 Philippine Advisory: Enhanced Community Quarantine on the Rest of Luzon (Release 2.0)

16 March 2020 – the Philippine government placed the entire island of Luzon including Metropolitan Manila on “Enhanced Community Quarantine” or complete lockdown. The  Government has adopted preventive measures in relation to certain activities, for this reason, private and government sectors limited their activity.

The directive significantly limits the movement of the entire population in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 infections until 14 April 2020.


Provided below are the following guidelines:

  1. Schools in ALL levels are suspended until 14 April 2020.
  2. Private establishments providing basic necessities shall remain open: public markets, supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies and drug stores, food preparation and delivery services, water-refilling stations, manufacturing and processing plants of basic food products and medicines, banks, money transfer services, power, energy, water and telecommunications supplies and facilities,
  3. Private and public offices shall adopt a skeletal workforce and observe strict social distancing measures. Anyone else not included in the mandated sectors (BPOs, food processing, food distribution, health and medical, security, etc.) are required to work from home.
  4. Transit to and from the above establishments anywhere within the area covered shall be allowed.
  5. Mass public transport facilities shall be suspended.

a)  Residents of Luzon may only be allowed to walk or use their private vehicles when buying basic necessities in public markets, groceries and convenience stores, banking, etc. LGUs (local government units) and BPOs can provide transportation arrangements.

b)  Checkpoints  are in place in various locations to inquire on reason for travel, intended destination, and body temperature check. Everyone is required to comply.

6. Land, air and sea travel shall be restricted.

a)  Outbound passengers intending to depart the Philippines from any of the international airports in Luzon shall be allowed to travel for a period of 72 hours from effectivity of the enhanced community quarantine.

b)  Inbound international passengers, in transit upon effectivity of the enhanced community quarantine, shall be allowed entry, subject to applicable quarantine procedures if coming from countries with existing travel restrictions imposed by the Inter-agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID).

c)  All inbound Filipino citizens including their foreign spouse and children, if any, holders of permanent resident visa, and holders of 9(e) diplomat visas issued by the Philippine government shall be allowed entry, subject to applicable quarantine procedures (14-days quarantine) if coming from countries with existing travel restrictions imposed by the IATF.

7)  Movement of cargoes within, to and from the entire Luzon shall be unhampered.

Land, air and sea travel of uniformed personnel for official business, especially those transporting medical supplies, laboratory specimens related to the COVID-19, and other humanitarian assistance, shall be allowed.


Annexus’ Business Continuity Plan – Our Response to the COVID-19 Enhanced Community Lockdown

  • Destination Relocation Services

The following activities or services can be provided remotely by our Relocation Consultants:

  1. Conduct needs assessment calls;
  2. Share housing market information;
  3. Share sample properties on-line;
  4. Conduct lease contract reviews and negotiation;
  5. Coordinate and assist in utilities set-up such as internet and cable.
  6. Provide school information;
  7. Coordinate temporary housing bookings.
  8. Provide information on bank accounts opening requirements.
  9. Provide information on local registration requirements.


  • Immigration & Consular Services

Some government offices remain operational but are on skeletal force therefore presenting limited activity.

Any changes in appointments with the respective offices will be advised accordingly.  We shall continue assisting, as necessary, on the following:

  1. Application and renewal of new work visas that includes 9G, 47A2, ROHQ.
  2. Extension of 9A entry tourist visa (temporary residence)


Apostille and Legalization services with the Department of Foreign Affairs and the respective embassies are suspended until further notice.


As a precautionary measure:

  1. For those arriving or who have just arrived, we exercise the 14-days self-quarantine procedure prior to meeting the assignee from overseas travel.
  2. For those already in the country, face mask is a requirement and we will exercise social distancing.


We will work to re-schedule all the appointments and accompanied services as soon as the normal activity is restored.


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