Our Company

Annexus International  has been in the relocation  business for  over  twenty years.    Incorporated   in   November 1987, Annexus   started    as a one-stop-shop business    center for expatriates requiring specialized and personalized support business services.

Over  the years   Annexus International  evolved  and  pioneered the  relocation  industry in the Philippines by giving  full   relocation solutions   to our  global partners  and corporate  clients.  Annexus  currently   employs a large team of  full  time employees and Relocation  Consultants  focused   in  delivering  personalized  service  to  our   assignees and their families. We are committed to delivering the very best   immigration and destination services in the industry without compromise.  Our   objective  is  to  provide  the  most  outstanding, seamless  service to our assignees  and  their  families.  

Annexus International is a principal  partner  of Reloc8  Asia  Pacific  Group  , a   regional relocation resource  established  in 2001,  composed  of  our  Asia Pacific  Partners    in  Singapore, China, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, India ,  Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Philippines.   A regional alliance providing solid commitment to corporations not only with destination services but with information and confirmation on local housing and living costs around the region.