Arrival in Manila...

Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA, also known as Manila International Airport is one of the two international airports serving the Metro Manila Area and is the main international gateway to the Philippines. It is located about 7 kilometers (4 miles) south of the country's capital Manila, and southwest of Makati City's Central Business District.

There are 4 terminals at the airport:

-       Terminal 1: NAIA Terminal - International flights except Philippine Airlines.

-       Centennial Terminal - All Philippine Airlines flights only, and it is divided into two wings: North wing for International Flights, South wing for Domestic Flights.

-       Terminal 3: NAIA International Terminal - International flights not served at Terminal 1. Is the newest and biggest terminal.

-        Domestic Terminal - All domestic flights other than Philippine Airlines

Security is tight in    all   airports.  On occasions, there may be canine security that is detailed in strategic points of the airport like entrance, airline counters and security check areas. 

Make sure you have your customs and immigration forms filled our prior to reaching the passport control counters. After going through immigration, go on to the baggage claim area and collect you luggage. Each conveyer belt has a flight information board over it and there are baggage carts available free of charge. 


After claiming your baggage, proceed to the customs area.  Give your customs declaration form to the customs examiner.  Be sure your bags are ready for inspection.  If you have any dutiable items, inform the examiner. Surrender your form to the agent who will determine whether or not you need to go through additional inspection.


Once you are outside, taxi service is available from NAIA to all points of Metro Manila. Take only official, metered or pre-booked taxis. Do not accept rides from people that approach you in the terminal. Taxis charge depending on your destination from around PHP 150 up. Ride length will depend on traffic conditions. Many of the major hotels run cars which you can book in advance, or you can look for a hotel representative in Arrivals.