Our Team

At Annexus International we are proud of our experienced and knowledgeable professionals. In a field where a practical knowledge about the country and its people is absolutely essential, we stake our name on our people’s ability to get things right.

Dornet G. VENTURANZA , SGMS is the President and CEO founder of Annexus International. She brings a wealth of experience and capabilities to Annexus International as well as the necessary global mindset to push their services beyond international standards of excellence. Her background includes five years as an expatriate in Europe and America, eight years of working with the Filipino Ministry of Human Settlements and years of consultation for startup foreign firms establishing their businesses in the Philippines. Dornet Venturanza, SGMS, has been awarded the Worldwide ERC® 2014 Meritorious Service Award in recognition to her outstanding service and participation in the organization.

She leads a dedicated team of Relocation Consultants, all of whom have a background in expatriate and relocation services and support, and likewise, skilled to meet the demands of a competitive and fast moving industry. This team is knowledgeable of assignees’ company's relocation policies, and will customize a relocation program to suit their individual needs.

Assignees can trust the committed professionals who have the experience in business and in moving people to this part of Asia. Make Annexus International your home in the Philippines.